Give your child a head start in life with just $13/day

As parents, we all want to give the best
that we can

So we came up with a plan to allow your child to enjoy good education without affecting your current lifestyle

Save up for your child's education

Coverage for death and disability

Flexible Withdrawal

Receive yearly payout


Prepare for your child's education

Simply set aside $13/day and enjoy interest and guaranteed yearly payout so that your child enjoy the best education possible

Year 1

Save $13/day

Year 1

Year 3

Withdraw $3,000 without charge

Year 3

Year 18

Withdraw up to $50,000 for child’s education

Year 18

Year 25

Withdraw up to $150K lump sum for retirement or $1500/mth

Year 25

Optional to add critical illness waiver

Death benefit

Waiver upon total and permanent disability

Premium Waiver

Flexibility to withdraw


Enjoy our facilities for free

Give your child a lifetime of protection while spending precious time with them 


Enjoy little premium for a lifetime of protection

from just $7/day

We are the #1 in market to cover all 3 development conditions in Singapore to give you and your children the best protection possible.

16 child critical illness

With coverage of $150,000

9 Special conditions

Such as ADHD, autism and Dyslexia Payout of $25,000 per condition

All critical illness stages

Early, intermediate and major stage

Death and total permanent disability

Receive $300,000 coverage upon death and TPD

Get protected with us

Sum Assured

Coverage period: LIFETIME

Lock in your child’s premium today and enjoy low premium prices throughout their lifetime

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